Online Loans - Payday Loans, Personal Loans, Installment, or Cash Advance

When banks deny you a loan for one reason or another, like bad credit, the next available option is to apply for online loans. There are so many types of online loans to choose from, which may be confusing. This article will discuss some of the best loans available online that can give you some quick cash.

Payday Loan

A payday loan is a short-term unsecured loan you can get online to quickly sort out your financial challenges. The repayment period is normally two weeks or until your next paycheck. If you're not careful, payday lines of credit could cost you much more than expected.

The approval process is quick. Once the lender approves, you get the money in cash or credit your account immediately. Payday credit has a steep annual percentage rate (finance charge) due to the short repayment period. You must then pay your credit plus the charge by the due date.

Personal Loan

Payday debts usually loans you get against your salary. It’s deducted as soon as you receive your paycheck. There are two types of personal loans you can apply for in the internet.

Unsecured Personal Lines of Credit

Most banks and lenders offer unsecured personal credit online. The only thing they need to approve your application is a good credit score. Be careful not to land in the hands of fraudsters, do thorough research before applying.


In this type of personal credit, you must provide collateral, car, or home as security before the lender approves your request. The idea behind it is that the lender can use it to pay your dues if you don’t honor your debt.

When operating under a tight budget, go for secured lines of credit since they offer low interest rates. Even borrowers with bad credit scores qualify for a secured loan, unlike unsecured ones where you must have good credit score.

Installment Online Credit

These are small online loans paid in fixed installments over a longer period. The period could be between three to twelve months. The process is fast; you get the money immediately after approval. Each payment period has a set deadline that you must meet to avoid incurring more costs.

Because of the set deadlines and installment period, you can't pay off this type of online credit at once, even if you are in a position to. So, paying fines and incurring costs is inevitable. The concept is the same with payday loans. But Installment are less risky since they offer longer repayment periods than payday.

Cash Advance

A cash advance is an option mostly offered by credit card companies. So if you are a credit cardholder, you only need to follow a repayment plan to ensure the company gets back its money. You get the money instantly from your local ATM using your credit card.

Getting a cash advance online is quite different. Access your credit card company's website to apply for the short-term online loan that gets a direct deposit into your bank account right after approval. The cash advance you get online is normally small, payable in full with only one or two installments.

The only difference between a cash advance and payday credit is that the cash advance doesn't always require a single repayment.