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If you’re a grilled or smoked ribs fan, you may have heard of a rib rack. This handy tool holds ribs upright, allowing for even cooking and maximizing grill space. But a rib rack can do more than make grilling more accessible – it can also enhance the flavor and texture of your ribs. Here are the benefits of using a rib rack for your next BBQ:

Even cooking

One of the most significant benefits of using a rib rack is that it allows for even cooking. When ribs are laid flat on the grill, the heat can sometimes be uneven, leading to overcooked or undercooked sections. By standing the ribs upright in a rib rack, the heat is distributed evenly across all divisions, resulting in perfectly cooked ribs.

Maximizes grill space

Another benefit of using a rib rack is that it maximizes grill space. Holding the ribs upright takes up less horizontal space on the grill, leaving more room for other items like vegetables, chicken, or steak. This is especially useful if you’re grilling for a large group or want to cook multiple things simultaneously.

grilled chicken

More tender and juicy

Using a rib rack can also result in more tender and juicy ribs. When the ribs are held upright, the juices from the meat can flow down into the ribs, keeping them moist and flavorful. Additionally, the vertical position allows the ribs to self-baste as they cook, enhancing the tenderness and flavor.

Easy to handle

Another advantage of using a rib rack is that it makes the ribs easier to handle. When the ribs are laid flat on the grill, they can be difficult to turn and flip without falling apart. With a rib rack, the ribs are held securely, making it easier to flip and scan them as needed.

A rib rack is a simple and effective tool that can enhance your grilled or smoked ribs’ flavor, texture, and appearance. By allowing for even cooking, maximizing grill space, and resulting in more tender and juicy ribs, a rib rack is a must-have for any BBQ enthusiast. So if you haven’t already, be sure to rib rack to your grilling accessories collection and take your ribs to the next level.

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