Sinks are overlooked at home, as they take up space and do their job. But, they don’t get any attention. Yet, sinks can have many interesting features. There is one feature a kitchen needs besides the cooktop and refrigerator – it will be the kitchen sink singapore. Choosing between many kitchen sinks seemed tiring, but you can narrow it down depending on the needs and size of the kitchen.

Types of sinks

Most types of sinks are differentiated with several specifications, such as:

  • Bowls
  • Size
  • Installation method

Single-basin sinks are perfect for soaking large cookware, while double-basin sinks are great for daily dishwashing in spaces.

Single basin sink

Single basin sinks are as long as 33 inches and are perfect for soaking or washing large pots and pans since it doesn’t have a divider in the center. When your household is large or with high-volume cooking, the single basin sink makes prep work and cleanup easier. The downside is these sinks don’t have space for drying the dishes. So, you must separate the rack or drying mat.

Double basin sink

Unlike the single basin sink, the double basin sink has 2 bowls with a divider. The bowls are in different sizes with one area for washing or dishing and the other for soaking or drying dishes. Yet, it has a smaller bowl for rinsing. These sinks can reach up to 48 inches, so it is ideal for larger kitchens with more space on the countertop.

The double basin sink makes more sense for the house without the dishwasher, since you can rinse off the dishes in a bowl and let it dry.

Triple basin sink

The triple basin sink has 3 bowls with different functions:

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Prep work

These sinks have a size of 60 inches and the basins are the same or vary in size according to your preference. You need more countertop space for the triple basin sink, so if the kitchen has a lot of square footage, it can be a good option.

Top mount sink

The top-mount sinks are drop-in sinks. It drops directly on the opening of the countertop and is secured in place under the clips and screws. These sinks have a lip that sits around the sink’s edge, plus only types working with laminate countertops. Top-mount sink installation needs a sink with an exact number of holes required for the faucet for preparation.

These are only a few of the different types of sink, you still have more options like the under-mount sink and farmhouse sink.

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